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Janssens Greenhouses FAQ's

Q1. What makes Janssens different from other Greenhouse Manufacturers?

A1. Only Janssens produce box section profiling for their greenhouses and pavilions which make them more robust than other designs and guarantees excellent stability.

Q2. What range of greenhouses do Janssens offer?

A2. Janssens offer a choice of traditional greenhouses to suit the needs of the gardener as well as glass pavilions for those who just enjoy being in the garden.

Q3.What makes Janssens so unique

A3. Their designs are distinctly different from other manufacturers. Janssens make a range of traditional rectangular greenhouses, Orangeries and glass pavilions for lifestyle use.

Q4. Can I “Customise” my greenhouse to suit my needs?

A4. Yes you can, Janssens offer customers flexibility and choice to select their own bespoke door and ventilation requirements. Janssens are still the only manufacturer that fit either hinged or sliding doors to the side of the Greenhouse

Q5. Will I need a concrete base?

A5. All Janssens models have base profiles, eliminating the need for a concrete foundation. As long as the ground area is flat, these greenhouses do not require a ready made foundation although we do recommend a foundation for the larger structures.

Q6.Do the Greenhouses come with shelving or staging.

A6. Janssens manufacture staging and other upgraded accessories which can be purchased in addition to the greenhouse.

Q7.Do Janssens install the Greenhouse for you.

A7. Janssens do not offer an installation service but our agents can provide details of approved and experienced Greenhouse fitters.

Q8. Do Janssens Deliver?

A8. Yes we do, by prior arrangement with our customers. All prices include delivery to mainland UK, but offshore and deliveries north of Edinburgh will incur an additional charge of £150.

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